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AlgoSave delivers financial institutions with solutions to (a) IFRS-9 Expected Credit Losses calculation as well as to (b) its related computation of bank Risk Capital and RAROC. Born out of rigorous and analysis-focussed combined decades-long experiences in banking, high yield and distressed debt investments, AlgoSave innovative approach to credit modelling is founded on multi-period Calibrated Stochastic simulations of the Fundamentals of borrowers.

IFRS 9 Expected Credit Losses

In line with IFRS stringent requirements, AlgoSave delivers borrower specific, “Point in Time”, Probability-Weighted, IFRS 9 Lifetime Expected Credit Losses

IFRS 9 Related Credit Attributes

AlgoSave delivers “Point in Time”, multi-period and forward looking Probability of Default (PD) Loss Given Default (LGD) and Exposure At Default (EAD)

IFRS 9 Scenario and Stress-Test Platform

AlgoSave offers a robust and user-friendly platform to run multiple simulation-based scenario testing on IFRS 9 impairment calculations

Bank Risk Capital

Thanks to AlgoSave PD and Asset Value correlation matrices, we provide new insights into issues of credit dependency which are central to the computation of financial institution Risk Capital and RAROC


In line with the IFRS Standard Setters stringent requirements, AlgoSave delivers simulation-based and “Point in Time” IFRS-9 Lifetime Probability-Weighted Expected Credit Losses (ECL).
AlgoSave provides Banks and Insurance companies with a unique set of data on their lending and investment Portfolios, helping them overcoming issues of Dependency in Credit Risk Modelling.


AlgoSave focusses on developing robust algorithms to provide financial Institutions with solutions to their accounting and regulatory requirements.


AlgoSave offers an innovative approach to accounting and regulatory requirements by combining deep multi-period fundamental analysis and market calibrated algorithmic procedures.


The S.A.V.E (Stochastic Asset Value Estimation) model allows banks and Insurance companies to reduce their regulatory and economic capital.

The Basel Committee has significantly heightened supervisory expectations that internationally active banks and those banks more sophisticated in the business of lending will have the highest-quality implementation of an ECL accounting framework

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision - Guidance on accounting for Expected Credit Losses - February 2015.


ALGOSAVE allows banks and Insurance companies to get a very detailled independant third party information on fundamental credit metrics

Coupling computing power with deep credit analysis AlgoSave provides Banks with an efficient solution to the challenges posed by IFRS and Basel changing Regulatory frameworks.
internal bank modelling of portfolio credit risk may be an important element of a bank’s ICAAP and can generate the biggest reduction of capital needs

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision - March 2009

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